Planes, the contemplative vehicle

by sirzackary


Planes, the contemplative vehicle

Planes…they can be stressful, I just took a flight from Raleigh, NC to Chicago, IL, had an hour layover for a connection to Dubuque, IA and Then we sat on the tarmac for another hour with a delay! But, for me it was worth it, planes are fun for me, I don’t get stressed in airports, I think, read and people watch. I had the pleasure to chat during my first flight with a guy named Carlos. The conversation was great! It started like this (Carlos) “where are you coming from?” (Me) “oh I’m from Greensboro flying out of Raleigh, you?” (Carlos) “I woke up in Paris this morning, took a train to London and now I’m here”….yea…kind of a crazy convo start! It was a grand talk, we chatted about traveling, local flavors (like local places to hang out and eat), coffee, our faiths (mine – evangelical Christian, his – nonpracticing catholic), extreme sports, relationships, money, MBAs, college, beer, cigars, camps, big city’s, hiking, hostels, concerts, music, and much more. It made me realize that there really aren’t many strangers in the world, just friends you never knew you had. I may never see Carlos again but now I have a new friend, funny how that works. So next time your plane runs late or you sit next to someone you don’t know, don’t think of it as an inconvenience, think of it as an opportunity.

Picture Taken from inside a plane headed from Raleigh to Chicago, the clouds were so beautiful I couldn’t Not take a picture, now usually I explain stuff here but the above story explains most of it! The back story I guess is that I’m currently back in Dubuque for a friend’s wedding that I’m ushering for, fun times with old friends!