Coffee, it’s any and everywhere

by sirzackary

2012-08-07 09.57.18

Coffee, it's any and everywhere

“yes i’ll take a house blend with sugar” – this constitutes my order of coffee in most restaurants (certainly in Waffle House, usually as midnight while meeting a friend to catch up) In a coffee shop however, well, my order gets more complicated. I’ll be adding some whip and shots and all sorts of good stuff to that black gold! I’ll be honest, this post is because two of my best friends came over and I made some coffee for them. Now I haven’t had coffee in a while and, oh my gosh, it was heavenly…divine really. I had some Verena Street’s “Mississippi Grog” which is one of my absolute fav flavors to brew. Now I’m a bit of a coffee snob at times, I grind my own beans for that, oh so perfect, fresh flavor…but with Mississippi Grog…I make an exception…its that good. It hails from Dubuque, IA where it is made (I attend Emmaus Bible College there, how I got there from the South is another story). It’s Dubuque’s best item if you ask me. Now I also enjoy some Starbucks, Caribou coffee and foreign blends (which are strong) but there’s just something about that Mississippi Grog, with its Hazelnut, Butterscotch, and Carmel blended together in a medium roast of perfection. Its like comfort food to me, the perfect way to start or end a day. I am curious if anybody who reads this (IF anybody reads this) drinks coffee and has a fav blend. Comment and say so, or don’t, its all gravy either way for me. I just like writing about coffee, I may do it again sometime!

Photo taken in Gatlinburg, Tenn at my fav breakfast joint there, the Log Cabin Pancake House. This little breakfast nook is a must do for me and my family every year during vacation time, seriously we’ve gone there every year for about fifteen years running. I’ll be there next week in fact! (which also means I wont be posting as much) but really, if you’re ever in Gatlinburg and get the breakfast munchiez head to the Log Cabin Pancake House! (get the continental french toast, I’ve gotten it every time, which = fifteen years) until next time sir or ma’am, hope it was a pleasant read for you!