Musical Emotion

by sirzackary

2011-11-13 22.15.27

Musical Emotion

Music is a vital part of life, at least in my opinion it is. I don’t go a day where I don’t come into contact with some sort of music, for the most part at least. There are times when silence or the scene of nature speaks better than any artist could. One could argue that is nature’s music though, however I digress. Music is emotional, it pulls us. It can be used for getting hyped, for crying over a loss, for fueling anger, for dancing with joy, the list goes on. All these things can be good or bad depending on the situation but one thing is for sure, music is an emotional boost. It’s just built into a human’s being to feel something when that guitar mixes and blends with a smooth singer’s voice, or when the piano keys dance a tune of elegance from a master’s hand. When I’m alone I have spotify playing so I can sing along, it keeps me happy. Even now OneRepublic’s “Feel Again” is pumping through my speakers, before that it was Watsky’s “Sloppy Seconds” When I’m in the mood for feeling connected to my homeland I throw on some Old Crow Medicine Show, when I’m ready to get hyped Macklemore and Ryan Lewis shows up, when I’m deep in thought some Hammock is just right, and when I’m worshiping Phil Wickham, Rend Collective Experiment, and Citizens help me out. So next time a song comes on, think about how it makes you feel/ Music is a part of life, you should tune into it.

Photo taken in Milwaukee, WI from a Noah & The Whale concert. They put on a great show and it started me on a path of loving folky bands, huh, I don’t think I really realized that was true until now. They really are great and if you’ve never heard them you should give them a listen! I would see them again in a heartbeat, right now i’m trying to think of the last show I went to…it was….I think it was The Almost (one of my fav bands, please listen to them if you haven’t already!) alright, enough of this, I hafta pack and you have other things to read, thanks for giving this a look and I hope you enjoyed it. Message me for music if you want! I don’t think theres a genre I don’t like so I love to discuss any and everything!