by sirzackary

2013-07-18 16.32.33


Waves, they come and go…they splash you playfully or tear you away from the only solid ground you can cling to. Simply put…waves are fickle, they’re fleeting and short lived while being many in number so that they are taken for granted. Surfers use them for joy, lifeguards watch them with vigilance. Lovers see them as beautiful visions of newness and adventure. Elders see them as memories from the past. Young people view them as their own personal piece of freedom. However, in the end…simply put…a wave is fleeting. What does a wave mean to you? Maybe you hate the water and thus hate the waves, maybe you love how they cry and crash in a storm, maybe you love to lean in to hear their whispering of where they came from and where they’re going next. Whatever the reason you look at these natural wonders from God’s creation, just remember next time that they have beauty beyond the mundane life we give to them. Next time you glance as sometime you might see as fleeting, maybe you’ll give it a second thought.

Photo taken at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. If you’re looking for a college town with relaxing waves, laid back people, and a sense of fun, then head down to Wilmington, NC. Its my fav place to visit the beach in NC (along with Topsail Island). Its sweet southern charm and laid back surf vibe will allow you to play all day and relax all night. but seriously, I love this place. Being a native North Carolinian, I love heading down to the W-Town to hang with my friends and get in some aquatic sport time (wake boarding, wake skating, fishing, sailing, surfing, swimming, paddle boarding, you name it I love it). So please head down and get some PT’s burgers and sweet tea, its worth it, I promise.