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I'm just a guy who has a passion for Jesus, an amazing wife, a love of music, and an obsession with coffee of the Specialty variety.

A Simple Cup


  • 8-cup Chemex
  • Chemex Filter
  • Grinder
  • 42g of Coffee (for me I enjoy a good Colombian Single Origin)
  • Hot Water just off the biol
  • Scale
  • Timer
  • Stir Stick
  • Mug

If you use these items (and the instructions from Stumptown Coffee – one of my favorite brewing guiders) then you’ll possibly end up with a beautiful cup of coffee in about four mins – give or take a few seconds.

Some people just read this and labeled me as a coffee enthusiast, possibly a snob (I will, however, gladly sit down and drink a coffee given to me from almost anyone so I hope my friendliness redeems me from snobbery.) Some people might have read this and said “right on! but dude, not just “off the boil” that water better be at 205 degrees and it better be Third Wave…” It really doesn’t matter what camp you’re in, odds are I’ll probably drink coffee with you. I really like coffee! (especially Specialty coffee, its a serious hobby – just ask my wife, family, friends or coworkers, they’ll back me up.)

But really, even if you don’t even enjoy coffee that’s okay with me. At work I’m the coffee guy and I make coffee for everyone in the office, for my non-coffee friends up here I make tea or fruit drinks! Coffee for me is a simple pleasure, it’s part of my day and it’s something I really enjoy – smelling, brewing, and drinking. Even though the recipe above is something out of a science experiment for some, that doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy a simple cup of coffee, it’s just that their simple cup is different than my simple cup.

I love my simple cup but I don’t expect or even want everyone too. Everyone has their own “simple cup,” their hobby that they take a little farther than other people cause its worth it to them. It’s a simple pleasure of their day/month/year/life. My brother is a pilot, some things for him are simple but not for me. He finds┬ápleasure in a simple training flight, I enjoy flying with him….but not flying the plane, no way. My dad is a fireman, he loves (a lot) driving the biggest truck in Greensboro, NC. He is one of my heroes and his simple pleasure is driving a huge truck really fast to save lives -among hiking, reading, and many other outdoor things. One of my beautiful wife’s simple pleasures is cooking an amazing meal just for fun (also coffee – we go pretty well together) and my mom – definitely hiding to read her book.

Everyone has a “simple cup” in their life and if you don’t have one yet, spend some time finding yours! It will be an added joy to your life that you look forward to every opportunity you can. So if you take your coffee with cream and sugar, a little baileys, caramel, honey, black and burnt from the church or gas station percolator, or crisp and acidic with a touch of grapefruit notes out of the Chemex, enjoy it. You’ll find me making myself a pour over and you’re more than welcome to join any time.

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